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Ad Policy

Checking procedure for advertisements

Before the advertisements are displayed or published on “”, they are crossed checked to make sure that they fulfill our advertising policy. Most of the advertisements usually assessed within only 24 hours but in few cases it can take a little longer time.

What you need to know

The advertising policy is applicable to all advertisements as well as commercial content published by “”.

The advertisers are needed to understand and fulfill all the valid rules and regulations. The advertisers fail in fulfilling the regulations may face various aftereffects, comprising of the cancellation of the published advertisement and the closing of user’s account.

If you are the advertiser who manages the advertisements on behalf of any other advertisers or party, then client must be managed through an individual advertising account. For this purpose you will be needed to make a new account. It is your duty to make sure that every advertiser fulfills this given advertising policy.

We have all the rights for the rejection or approval of any advertisement, like the advertisements that harmfully affect our relation along with our users or the advertisements that promote content, amenities or activities that disturb our good position, interests or even our advertising policy.

The advertisements rules available on the website “” can be changed at any time without any notification.

Prohibited Activities/Advertisements

At our website “” we need the advertisements to be useful, wide-ranging, relevant as well as protective for users. For this purpose, the following is not allowed:

  • Harmful advertisements, websites or any harmful applications
  • The advertisements that support the websites or applications that provides little value for users while they are mainly targeted at increasing the website traffic
  • The firms that try to get a one-sided benefit in the advertisement auction
  • The firms that try to avoid our checking procedure

Our advertisement policy mainly focuses on ideal user experience. We have developed a wide ad policy to avert those advertisements that do not fulfill the quality requirements.

These policies actually deal along with the content that is sometimes sensitive from legal or social viewpoint. Undoubtedly, online advertising can be an exceptional way to reach the clients. However, we will do everything that we can do, not to show odd advertisements when it comes to sensitive matter.